INNOVATIVE Pest Control was established in the year 1999 with only 5 operators and with in a period of 5 calendar years it has grown in to major pest control unit in the entire East coast of the country with a strong force of 60 well trained operators and has stamped its authority in all major aqua processing units in the country.Today it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company having three branches at Bhubaneswar(Orissa),Rajyamundry(A.P)and in Chennai,(T.N).Its expertise in termite Control,Rodent Control,Lizard Control,Cockroach Control,Flies Control and other pest control service has bonded a inseperable relationship with all its clients,IPC is rendering service for many private and public sector companies,food processing units,Educational Institutions,Hotels,Beauty Parlous,Steel and Power Plants.With the help of the knowledge and experience of its technical staff is striving hard to ensure effective and safe control solution by using new generation pesticides and their applications.

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