Fly Management


Flies are nuisance to people around the world wherever livestock is kept or garbage accumulates. The common housefly, Musca Domestica is by far the most common in and around houses in villages and in urban areas within sufficient sanitation. It, together with other filth flies, is of public health importance, because it transmits disease causing organisms.

Flies breed in any decaying, rotting organic matter like garbage, filth, excreta manure etc., garbage dumps attracts flies for food and to lay eggs. Flies ,regurgitate when feeding, this habit, together with particles of refuse stuck to the bodies, leads to contamination of human food and transmission of disease.

IPC use an integrated management programme for the control of flies. This includes chemicals, biological and other non-chemical methods such as installation of fly catcher machines glue traps.

Others: Annual contract with treatment and check up and monitoring.

Costs: Upon request (Based on inspection, which is free of charge.)

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